Our Story

Lioni, pronounced lee-o’-nee


High quality chocolate is a lot like fine wine or craft beer. Take a bite, let the chocolate melt in your mouth, close your eyes and notice how the flavors unfold. You may detect earthiness, berry notes, coffee beans or even mushrooms. Lioni uses fresh and, whenever possible, organic ingredients to complement those unique flavors in chocolate. We like real peppermint leaves more than the concentrated extract.

Your chocolate-loving friends at Lioni have sampled thousands of chocolate bars, couvertures (what we use to enrobe, or coat, the chocolates), truffles, bonbons and chocolate treats from all over the world. That experience helps us carefully select the best chocolate that will harmonize with the flavors in each truffle. We use chocolate from Venezuela, France, Switzerland and the United States and add only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients.

While our chocolate comes from communities around the world, Lioni is committed to supporting our Colorado community, using organic, local ingredients whenever we have the chance. And, as we grow, we will do our part to give back to community that raised us.

mimiAbout your Chocolatier, Jenny

And the story behind the name, Lioni

The mover, the shaker, the chocolate maker. Jenny fell in love with creating chocolates during her time as a Chocolatier in Christchurch, New Zealand. She brings her love of the craft and passion for quality to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She currently lives in Boulder where she rides her bike just about everywhere. Jenny first learned her way around the kitchen from her grandmother, Mimi. In the 1920s, Mimi left the close-knit southern Italian town of Lioni for new opportunities in Brooklyn, New York. Years later, Mimi taught Jenny her culinary secrets, including the most important one: cook with love and your food will bring people together. Jenny honors her grandmother’s courageous spirit, love of community, and her passion for great food with the name, Lioni.